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Judy Asman

Hi, Binaya,
I apologize for the confusion. I changed the hyperlink after submitting this ticket yesterday. Rather than include a screenshot, here is the new link to the page where I have questions:


What I would like to do is:

1) In the sentence featured in the CTA section:

“Photos of teacup size dogs courtesy of Tony Dougia of Dougia’s Cajun Kennel: http://www.smallestpoodle4u.com.”

In the http://www.smallestpoodle4u.com link, I would like to make the hover color darker. When I attempt to do this in CSS, it doesn’t work. So I wanted to know if there is another style that is overwriting what I’m attempting to do and how to correct.

2) Further down on the same page, is a numbered list. I need to make the font style consistent with the body / p text. But when I change the ul, ol style in CSS, it does not work. Can you please advise on how to fix.

Thank you and again I apologize for the confusion.