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Sushil Adhikari

Not quite sure what you are wanting to do with the combination of the logo, nav, and the curved graphic…it sounds like you want the logo and nav inside the curve? However, this actually falls into customization and not really theme support, but if you are wanting a redesigned header area, I do offer custom services if you need it. Regarding the coloured bottom border of images, I just added the theme setting to the free version of Preference, but plan to do that to the Pro version shortly. However, if you need to change that, the styling for it is in the theme’s style.css file around line 873

/*.gj-portfolio-intro-image img,*/
.img-intro img,
.img-intro-left img,
.img-intro-right img,
.img-intro-none img,
.contact-image img,
.entry-attachment img,
div.wp-caption img {
	border-bottom:8px solid #78a5b6;

This applies that bottom border to all the images that use the classes above.