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Hi Andre, my issue is a bit different than yours. This happened before I upgraded to the latest version. Last week it was working perfectly and I finally became a master in using it. Then yesterday I discovered that the “Pages” option does not work at all!

Now it says the following under “Pages” in the Dynamic Widgets dialog:

Show widget default on static pages?
o Yes o No
It previously said “Except the pages” and had a list of all the pages on my website. Now it is just the yes/no option and the “except the pages” option is NOT available.

What’s good is that my previously created widget positions have not been lost. They are all fine. 🙂 But the problem arises when I try to create new widgets and assign them to specific positions. This is no longer possible for me. It’s frustrating because I was planning on finishing with my website and now I can’t do this work.

P.S. I posted a support question in the plugin’s forum.