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Hi again Shekhar,

I have not heard back from you in answer to my problem. Perhaps you think it is resolved but I still need help.

As I have now lost 1.7.9 version of encounters I am wondering if I go to my back up will this give me back version 1.7.9?

Originally and as your demo confirms if you only use the thumbnail size of the featured image it will still show up when you click on a single page or category, my version will not do this.

I recently added code so that my featured image which I have as a large image goes to a thumbnail when you click on a single page. This is great and thanks for that snippet of code.

However, the problem of no longer seeing the featured image AT ALL not matter which way I set things is a BIG problem for me.

I am having difficulty remembering all the details and I cannot find the communication between us, as we went to private email on this. What I do know is Andre responded and added this function in the customize area in a few minutes. I think this is how I came to have 1.7.9 (although, I did not notice this at the time) How else could I have a version higher than 1.7.7 or 1.7.8.. It is a mystery that perhaps only Andre can answer.

In the meantime, as you have not said when you would be doing your next update, is their some snippet of code I can add to my child theme to allow my featured image to show up again as it did before 1.7.8 was installed.

Thanks, look forward to hearing back from you soon