Reply To: Error using Posts

Sushil Adhikari

Yup…take that line out. The problem is that it’s looking for that function in the functions.php file but it doesn’t exist.

Regarding Celestial Reloaded, I am planning to do a very big update to the theme, but I have to figure out when because what I want to do is going to take a lot of work. I also have to make sure whatever changes I make, that it won’t destroy peoples websites; there are so many using this theme. It’s been a very popular theme since I launched it and even the free version (less features) has over 133,000 downloads.

One of the things I am planning to do is change the curved showcase graphic from a static image to CSS 3. This would make it much easier for changing the colour of it if anyone changes their content background colour, plus it would make it adaptable to different window sizes. I would also like to update the Bootstrap responsive structure to version 3 (this would be the difficult part). In a way, this theme seems to have become a signature theme.