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Thank you for this. Here is the problem.

I have settings > media set up at 260×160 (thumbnail) and zero’d out the medium and large as advised in the video:

Under Theme options – basic settings – we have blog sidebar / archive sidebar / author sidebar all set on right column.

Intro image is set on small

Portfolio on 3 (although I don’t think we use this for anything)

Page width boxed (980)

I changed the content.php with the child theme (though not convinced it worked as I also changed it on the parent content.php to get it to work) so that the featured image now shows in the actual post and not just on the blog page.

I also have a site with preference, and when I upload an image it is automatically autosized to the settings > media size set, but on the encounters, when i upload an image of any size, it remains at it’s original size, so we have a big image on both the blog page and also the blog post.

I’m assuming it should work in that on the blog page the image would be thumbnailed, and a click through to the post would be the original image size.

I’m also needing to get the ‘continue reading’ / ‘read more’ to work, it seems to be in the content.php but during a long post it doesn’t cut off.

So in a nutshell, we’d like;

Small blog page image (as in your demo)
Continue reading after so many characters
original sized image in actual blog post

Sorry if this comes across as confusing.

Thank you in advance,