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Eric Nevitt

Yes, am speaking about full post view. I was, again expecting for featured image to show in full post view (standard format) as in Lite version I used previously, if featured image is selected, it is also shown in full post view. I don’t know, to me its the most logical solution that if someone selects a featured image they are selecting it to be shown in full post view also.

But I suppose I’ll get use to this also. Featured image is shown in category/post summary page, and if I want to to show full post view also, I’ll just insert it as regular image at the top of the post, or something like that.

p.s. This is exactly what I did (imported image into post) and was playing around with settings and choose the ‘aside format” when I get this: Fatal error: Call to undefined function celestial_entry_meta() in /home/xxx/public_html/netrpimnepravdu.rs/wp-content/themes/celestial/content-aside.php on line 22. Didn’t modify content-aside.php