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The home page of my site is a static page
Here is where I would like to establish a specific featured image the one with the colors branding-puentes de luz – if I set it up as featured image it shows up on the page and I do not want that. I do not know how to let the featured image set without showing on the welcome page but stay as featured image so that when I share to FB it takes that image and not the other images on the page.

About your note below… yes I went to the articles you suggested and used the tools of the developer … that was for my blog page and the problem was that on FB on the sharing there was not showing the featured image established for each article … I could find out that the problem was the sizing of the featured image it was too small – that is the size that the theme for style 2 was asking me – when I changed the size to larger on the featured image FB is able to select that image and the theme seems to support a larger image even if it is not the preferred size. But as I am saying this is for the Blog page and for now that can work.

The problem now is for my pages …NOT the blog page … If I want to share on FB whatever page of my site it will select whatever image it wants and I thought it was because the featured image is not set … but when I go and try to set it it shows gain on the page and I do not want that but I do not know how to hide the feature image on the page it seems to me it does not work like in the blog where I can hide the image …HOW DO I HIDE THE FEATURED IMAGE ON MY PAGES ? not my blog … so that when I share to FB it takes the feauture image I want and not any other image on the page … hope this is clear now … thank you …