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Using the html percentage code inserted an unwanted line hight in the menu and other lists. I’ll rather try to change each font “category” manually.

1) So far it seems like font size for: #pref-main-section, #pref-bottom, #pref-social-content, .primary-navigation, #footer-menu, #pref-footer, #pref-breadcrumbs, h1, h2, work well. Is that right (sorry, I really don’t know anything about coding and would like to spoil anything. E)

2) I’m confused when I should use em / rem or px. Is seem written differently for different items. Does it matter if I use em, rem or px or can anthing go wrong if exchanged?

3) I’d also like to put some padding between lists items. But only numbered and bullet lists in the posts / pages (so it doesn’t affect the menu). Is it doable?

4) As for headings, there are bigger and smaller heading in the demo typography page. What was your intention for using them? (and how?)

5) I’d like to make the archive dropdown menu bigger.
I tried this

button, input, optgroup, select, textarea {
font-size: 1.250em;
padding: 4px;
border-width: 1px;

It works to some extend. But now, not matter what font size I put there, nothing happens. Are there some limits? Am I doing something wrong?