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Sushil Adhikari

Now things are going to get complicated because more experience is needed to handle things like you are seeing with the menu and lists, but the best I Can help you here is to direct you to the line heights. However, any more style adjustments will really need to come from you …or hopefully if others here can help, that would be great. But you may need to adjust your line height for your lists now, but this as I said gets really complicated because different things uses lists and some require different line heights than others. You may want to start reading up on “Line Heights” for CSS. This handles the height of a paragraph line of text. Height is more for containers.

You may need to test these out but to give you an example, for lists, you would do something like:

#pref-main-section li {
line-height: 1.2;

For em or rem or px….em and rem are very similar and are relative sizes. PX is pixels and this is a fixed size meaning it will always be that size. I would recommend you Google about font sizes such as em, rem, and px to get a better idea of what and how these work. If you want to know what one is to the other such as what is rem to px, then bookmark this http://www.pxtoem.com

For your number 3 question….again, this is getting into more custom coding, but yes you can adjust padding, but you just need to know what specifically you are adjusting because as I said, these lists are used in different ways for different things from normal lists in a page, to widgets that use lists, to vertical menus, to the main menu which is horizontal, and then even galleries can use lists.

Headings are dependent totally on what a user wants to use them for in their page content. They are also used in layout of your blog posts, page titles, etc.

As for the select form…again, more complicated coding but for the select, you will want to separate that from the others you pasted above.

select {
padding: 6px;
font-size: 1.5rem;

I really recommend you start exploring more HTML and CSS from Google searches, and this site http://www.w3schools.com (great site) and play with code on a regular basis. Because of the many posts and questions relating to extensive customization you appear to want to do, you will definitely need to know both HTML and CSS. It can be frustrating and complicated, but later once you get more experience with it, you will be able to make custom changes to any theme you use very easily. You might even find yourself building themes later in time :cheer: