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Sushil Adhikari

No worries, and totally understandable because I know code stuff can be quite frustrating. We developers often forget that a lot of users of WP have little to no HTML and CSS experience. Regardless what some “expert” and “review” sites state, WP is not easy to make a website, let alone make custom modifications. I find it’s more complicated to modify code in a WordPress site than others platforms such as Joomla, or even basic HTML sites.

When I first started with WordPress, I didn’t even know how to install WordPress, and even after a few years of working with WordPress, I am still learning their coding methods. WP is ultimately a “blogging” platform and really wasn’t meant to create more complex websites other than blogs, but over the last few years, theme developers are trying to push it in that direction of becoming more of a content management system (cms) for more complex websites….but then this is where things start getting more complicated for the end-users when one wants to modify one of these fancy themes. However, as a developer, it’s up to use to try and make it as easy as possible but doesn’t always turn out that way.

In a nutshell, if someone wants to make custom changes to any theme, whether mine or others, some HTML and CSS is definitely required. When someone is new to coding, even basics of it, this is where a person will require extra time to explore how HTML and CSS works, but to take advantage of the WP Forums, Google searches, HTML learning sites, even books, helps out. The more you do it, the easier it gets, but it won’t happen overnight. I’ve been at WP for a few years now and I’m still learning things about it (hope that doesn’t sound too discouraging). Generally with each theme I put out, I try to improve on things based on my experience with previous themes but also end-user feedback.

There is a call from the WP development team to try and get theme makers back into simple clean design and to keep the 100’s of functions and fancy features out of the theme and to keep it to the core of WP. Features and extra functions are to be converted into plugins. The idea is to focus on perfect and less complicated code to make it easier for modifying. This still means that users will still be required to know at least the basics of HTML and CSS.

…sounds fun doesn’t it :cheer: