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Good morning

thank you very much for help. I did not see any change with the first code for lists. However the “html” code worked like a charm. I may do without special fonts (life is about compromises, isn’t it? 😉 ) if at least the text size is readable for most people.

I might combine the html with the font plugin (for font type) until you decide to make a tutorial.

I use Safari on Mac. Yes, there is the developer feature and the firebug lite extension. I may be able to identify the headings but I’d never understand from this that the theme has its font size managed from the tag not family. Also I’m not sure how put there a google font type in latin extended category.

UPDATE: to make things easier I’ll be happy with your fonts. Overall changing the size with html works great. Maybe some minor modification in colour and size for specific headings (as in post I get H1 smaller than H2) would be useful. But this might be easily done with a code and the font plugin would not be necessary.