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Sushil Adhikari

Good morning? Not for me, as it is just past 10pm for me.
Testing for MAC on my end is difficult because I’m on Windows…at least until later this year when I finally will get a MAC. Fonts are different when on a MAC, so it can be a bit challenging.

Putting a font family on the tag acts as a global style for everything in the page until something further in the page with a container has an override added to it to use a different font.

As for no spacing on your paragraphs, this should not happen because the

tag has this as a margin found in the style.css line 624:

p {
   margin: 1.250em 0;

Actually, this should be using “rem” and not “em” but both are very similar. Correct on the demo site, it does have margins on the paragraphs. You may want to check any changes you might have done to the paragraph tag.