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Sushil Adhikari

It sounds like some crazy things are happening with your current setup. Not sure why you are not getting Paragraphs, instead getting line breaks. Line breaks are normally created if you do SHIFT + ENTER and for paragraphs, it’s simply pressing the ENTER key (make sure you are in the Visual tab view of your editor.

In my opinion, the WordPress editor is one of the worse on the planet, so you may want to check out editor plugins and see which ones work best for you.

Post navigation is what you see at the bottom area of your “full post” which lets you go from post to post. There is no setting for the post information (often called Post meta info) below the title. If you need to hide that, you will have to do some custom css to display: none; on the following container:

.entry-meta {}

** A side note…. for topics like this one about paragraph tags and hiding post meta info, is best to start a new thread so that original topic about “Fonts” is kept related to the original thread topic :whistle: