Sushil Adhikari

To add a logo or do any kind of modification to the footer requires you to know some basic HTML and CSS. The file you would be modifying is the footer.php. If you are planning to change any theme file other than the style.css file, I recommend you use the child theme for this theme then so you can keep getting updates.

For your question about linking the images. My thoughts are that you need to start checking out some online tutorials for basic HTML and CSS, and of course one for how to make an “Image Link”. Theme support doesn’t cover teaching html or css, but I would recommend you bookmark this site because it’s actually quite good for anyone new to coding:


For image links, it’s basically this where the “your link here” is your full url to what you are linking to and the img src tag is the image src line of code that gets linked. Same principle for a text link with the tag wrapping what is being linked:

For things like this, do a Google search and you will find 1000’s of tutorials for html and css.