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Sushil Adhikari

Unfortunately WordPress does not make this easy… the only template I have without the title code is the “Page Widgets Only”, so when using the other templates, this becomes a little more tricky. Your options are:

1. Use a plugin to manage page titles (including disabling)
2. use css to hide the title.
3. Not doing at title (as you suggested)

For the first one, there are plugins to handle titles, but as to which one, I do not know as I’ve never used any of them or know of which one is best.

The second option would be to use CSS which means isolating the title ID of the post or page by looking at the source code and seeing what ID is added to the “article” container. For example, on my test site I have a page using that template you are, and if I look at the source code, it shows this:

My Home Page

You will see my page article has an ID applied to it as “post-10” which is what we need. In your style.css, you will add this:

article#post-10 h1 {display: none;}

That basically says for that article with that ID, hide the content in the H1 container. It will still show in the source code, but not on the front-end.