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Hm, okay. Well, I was trying to load all of them because I haven’t decided which I want to use yet. Thought I’d play a little with each one and pick the one that works best.

This is the exact error I get: The parent theme could not be found. You will need to install the parent theme, preference, before you can use this child theme.

Preference Pro is activated, version 1.5.0 downloaded today. The child theme I’m trying to upload is the one that I downloaded with the above theme version. I do see the Theme Name in the Preference Pro stylesheet is Preference Pro. In the Preference Child stylesheet the template is identified as only preference. Assuming they aren’t different I could just change the template name. But I wanted to check to see if there was a difference in the child theme between the free and pro versions.

I’m sure it’s something I’m doing wrong, I just can’t figure what. I’ve done this before with your themes and it worked. It must be a Monday today. 🙂