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Okay well, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling this morning and all works fine. I DID delete directories via FTP. (I think possibly the previous version’s files weren’t all deleted previously and when I installed the update maybe all was not overwritten.) Then I reinstalled using the WordPress theme upload. Is that what made it work this time? Probably not, but at least it does work now. I really have no logical explanation as to why it didn’t work the last several times I tried and it does work today…I’m going to pretend it was a Monday curse. 🙂

Word to the wise if anyone else has this trouble. I did lose all customization I had done to the theme, but since this is a new site and I am only beginning content development and design customization it wasn’t much of a loss for me.

As always, I absolutely LOVE Styled Themes! Not only very cool designs, but the best support there is. Thank you so much!