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John Maberry

I’m not an expert on html coding so I am having some difficulty making sense of the screenshots showing inspect element. What I did to customize the header is to upload an image on the “Customizing Header Image” menu. The image IS there but when I do a “visit site” and inspect elements I see no href to the image source. I don’t know if that’s part of the problem or not. So no, I don’t understand.

I also left an online message about deleting the container for the site title and tagline. Making it invisible/transparent could work as well. Other than that, moving it to the upper left of the header rather than the center would be great. The response I received from Madan Karki identified the theme header and logo-group.php as places to edit but didn’t explain how to do this. Can you offer any help with that?

By the way, the child theme in the download folder doesn’t have anything other than the theme functions php and the stylesheet. Child Theme Configurator produces anomalous results copying the rest to the child. Do I need to copy and load the rest into the child theme to make it possible to edit them (assuming I can learn what I am doing).