Sushil Adhikari

Hi Ron….it looks like you are starting this site and not much done yet. I then noticed your version of Celestial Reloaded is 1.5.3 (which is quite old) so what I will have you do, are two things:

(1) go to the Downloads on the main menu and download the latest Celestial Reloaded 2.6.5 theme, unzip it and then install the theme inside that.
(2) delete the one you have and do a new clean install of the new one
(3) Then, take advantage of the tutorials for this theme (with videos) and follow the Widgetkit Slideshow tutorial

You’re on a very old version and this newer one just might help you out on many things, such as the slideshow. There is a custom style I made for this theme and the latest version is what you will want to use. One thing I did not anticipate though is when someone uses the default style of Widgetkit’s slideshow. The button nav below the slides is what is causing the extra height because it’s not floating on top (layered) of the curved graphic, whereas my custom style does. I will need to try adding extra styling for the default one so that it does float on top.

If you decide you still like the “default” style of the slideshow, let me know and I will try and work something out.

UPDATE: Actually, contact me from the Email Support form and I will send you Celestial 2.6.6 (the latest update which I haven’t put live yet).