Sushil Adhikari

That is very adventurous Greg, to add more widget positions to that area. I really cannot give a tutorial on how this is done as this falls well within customization which theme support does not cover. However, what I can do is list out the files you need to open and explore how the theme’s widgets are coded because this is done from couple file locations:

1. sidebar-top.php
2. widgets.php ….there are two parts in this file, the register_sidebar and further below, function topgroup()

You also need to know how the span classes work for your widget columns. In the widgets.php file you will see the 4 widget code with span12, span6, span4, and span3. The problem here is that you have to keep the number of widget positions (columns) as even numbers keeping in mind you have up to 12 grid columns (the layout of the theme). If you have 7 widget positions with published widgets, this won’t work because 7 does not go into 12 evenly, nor does 5 widgets.

Now for the bad news…..In a sense, what you want to do is not really going to be possible because of how the theme (using the Bootstrap framework) is built on a 12-grid column layout. This means that if you want up to 8 widget positions side-by-side, for example the Top widget group, you cannot have 5 or 7 widgets published because they do not equally divide into 12. Only 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 can evenly go into 12. Each widget published per group takes on a width that is equal to each other.

Your only option would be to use a page builder plugin that lets you create varying sidebar widths with a drag and drop method. So each page you make, you can create different numbers of widgets in a group side by side.