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Hello Roshan

Thank you for your updates.

I emailed the file.

As for the news, woocommerce is an easy fix and it is already in most of the themes. Sticky menu is good news. Thanks.

The toughest and most urgent updates I would love to see implemented is:

1) a way to insert a 100% slideshow or just large bg image with text in the middle of the content on the homepage like I did on my site: http://www.theportwebdesign.com – or see this example: so we can have a look like this: :http://weblizar.com/preview/#enigma_pro – see portfolio section and what our clients say section. very modern. I don’t like it because they have their own web builder (versus using normal editor) so it makes the home page very hard to customize but love those sections – Cannot find a way to code those 100% sections inside the content.. this is something you find with a lot of modern design and I think it is very appealing – different sections with 100% background on home page. The only way i found to do that with your themes is by using layer slider in the middle of the content. It works fine. Even using one slide for the background does the job. I wish the coding would be there as an option (without site builder/composer) so we would not have to use the heavy lifting of layer slider .

2) An option for encounters to change the font size on all content like you already have in Circumference. Font size – not font family. Almost all my clients find the font size too small and on Encounter it is a bit tough to find the way to enlarge the size for the content. Here is so many size for different part of the site in the css that I am lost trying to find the one that works for the whole content (not the h tags – just normal p and div font size)

Please read that topic and the answers from Andre here: https://www.styledthemes.com/forum/general-topics/1108-starting-a-themes-suggestions-thread – Andre was very open to suggestions.

And yes, a customizable 404 page with header and footer.

As I said numerous time I wish to stick with your themes because I know them so well now – they are very clean and easy to customize – but we need a little help from you guys to bring them to the next level.

Thank you for your patience with me 🙂