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Dear Prisca,

Thank you very much for your suggestion they are really appreciated.

1. Regarding WooCommerce, yes all the theme are WooCommerce ready but WooCommerce gets displayed in it’s own default view and we’re trying to have the dedicated template for different section of WooCommerce. You’ll see what I meant there once it gets released.

2. For inserting bag with text in the middle, why don’t you try to use WidgetKit slideshow ? I think you can see it how it’s done in circumference here : http://demo.styledthemes.com/circumference/ not sure if you meant the different stuff. Regarding portfolio, We’re implementing JetPack portfolio like Pure & Simple in Preferential which will be out this week. I agree they have to more modern and fancy like you’ve shown in other theme.

3. I agree with your feedback on the Encounter theme and I’ve added it to todo list already and I hope we can do that soon.

4. I totally agree with your 404 page suggestion. Currently there are no way you can navigate to other pages in current 404 page. We will make sure that’s updated too soon.

Thank you being with us and trusting us. We will try make sure we won’t disappoint you.