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Yes, I do have Simple Image Widget plugin activated. Thanks, it is much clearer now. I never connected the issue with an actual plugin. Now that I know what the issue is, I expect to find a way around it.

Also, I think it would be great if you could made proposed update to content bottom widgets, but also to widget area in Bottom 1,2,3,4. It’s behaving in the same manner on many mobile devices. I do have another suggestion: please place “edit” button at the top of the page in all your themes. It’s just more comfortable to editors having it at the top than having to scroll potentially long pages to click edit in the every bottom of the page.

I do have couple of more issues I want to ask for your help here (while we are hard at work and don’t find it necessary to start new topics):

1. I did follow this guide https://www.styledthemes.com/circumference-setup/201-setting-up-your-logo-options in order to set up my own logo along with title and site headline. However, the guide is not working for me. When I upload 300×300 dpi for instance large logo it’s not being scaled to size to which original default logo gets scaled, I think it’s 57x57dpi on my 23″ monitor. Original theme logo is 300×300 dpi also but is behaving in different manner, it gets scaled to size. I uploaded my logo temporarily for you to see what I get. It’s too large.

2. How do I remove author name from posts? I know how to do this on all other themes but for some reason, I haven’t managed to find the code.

3. On you other themes, on this site in question I previously used Celestial, and if I wanted to reduce white spaces between elements I worked with padding values expressed in px and em and such. Now when I inspect the code with Firefox’s Firebug plugin instead of px and em I get “box-sizing: border-box”. What is this and how to reduce px if there is no value?