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Sushil Adhikari

Correct… it’s the complete theme package and then inside that is the actual theme, just like you did when you first got the theme. The only difference is that you will unzip the theme and upload all the files and folders to replace the current Preference theme files and folders….which will go here:

/ wp-content / themes / preference /

To see the version you are on when using a child theme, you will need to open the parent theme’s style.css file and near the top is a Version: number. To see what changes have been made, you can check the CHANGELOG.txt file that is in the theme files.

As long as you make a copy of your Preference theme that is installed (not the child theme one), then you can revert back. Basically what I do is open my FTP program and go to where my WordPress is installed on my host, then download the theme to my desktop. Then I would use the FTP to upload the replacement files and folders of the new update. Test the site out, make any adjustments needed, and when things are ok, then you’re all good.

I should do a video tutorial on how to update a theme later.