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Thank you always for your prompt help.

1) I tried

and it’s the same. Actually when I type in

, the system automatically use


2) I note there are horizontal rule button to insert line, but result the same. Can see in the edit page but not so in final web page.

3) Yes, I have a cache plugin W3 Total Cache installed. I have tried many time to Empty All Cache, but not worked for lines.
When you say Regenerate the cache, it just means Empty All Cache, right ?
Also I tried empty Minify Cache, result not change also.

4) Actually many monthes ago, I do not have any cache plugin installed, but at that time, I also have same problem,
want to add Horizontal Line, can see that in Edit page but finally not show up. So maybe it’s not the plugin problem.

5) If the default line color is white, so that we can not see the line from white background ?

I hope this can not be a big project for you to help. Once again, thank you for your perfect service.
I want more of my friends to try your website and service.