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Sushil Adhikari

No worries, I know what long days are like myself…plus it doesn’t help that I have two themes named similar to each other, although Preference is discontinued. Anyway, when you come back tomorrow, check out the promo box snippet from the live demo site for the green one:

A Special Heading for a Promo

Box-shadow css property is used to create the rounded drop shadow effect. Credit goes to Get a Special Offer Now! for inspiration. Donec nec posuere orci. Nulla erat urna, molestie sit amet neque nec, porttitor pretium dui. Suspendisse ut vestibulum lectus.

The snippet here has 2 styles added but you can go with just the colour one or the shadow or both. The colour such as green, has the class “green” added. Likewise, if you want the shadow styling, then you would add the “box-shadow” class too, just like you see in the snippet. Changing the colour is done by changing the colour from green, to orange, darkblue, lightblue, etc.