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Sushil Adhikari

Thanks for the login details…I know what the issue is and it’s related to the Advanced Text Widget; now I remember why I don’t use it anymore. When it’s used in a widget position, on other pages, it affects other pages that have that same position and even though it does not display a widget, it has a bug making it seem like there is. Complicated I know, but the long story short, is that I have your header back again.

  • I removed your Advanced Text Widget that had your Google map and put the map into a text widget.
  • I then installed a plugin called Dynamic Widgets which lets you publish widgets where you want…similar to the Advanced text widget, but way better. So with this, it adds a “Static” or “Dynamic” link at the bottom of every widget (in the admin) that lets you set what pages to show it on.
  • I also installed a plugin called “Remove Widget Titles” which lets you hide widget titles by simply adding an exclamation mark ! just before the title begins in the widget. I used this to hide the text widget title for your map.

Now your front page default header is back and everything is functional 100%