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Sushil Adhikari

Awesome..thanks for the link. The bordering is applied to this CSS in the style.css file (which you can edit directly if you want because there are no more updates to this theme).

.img-intro img,
.img-intro-left img,
.img-intro-right img,
.img-intro-none img,
.contact-image img,
.entry-attachment img,
div.wp-caption img {
	border-bottom:8px solid #78a5b6;

You can choose all or select images above to do this:

border: none; (or border: 0;)

In relation to that page with the logos, you could do:

img.aligncenter {
border: 0;

By the way, your added style to the image tag should work but I noticed you have the coding incorrect on a couple:

<img class="style="border:none;" aligncenter" .......

It should be:

<img class="aligncenter" style="border: none;"

Another you have as:

<img class="aligncenter style=" src="http://dev.floridametrology.com/wp-content/uploads/Nu-Flexbar-1.png" .......

But the style=” is wrapping the image src, which it should not be.