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Lee Collier


Thanks for getting in touch. The plugin is Event Espresso http://eventespresso.com

I tracked the problem down to your script flat_responsive_extras.js. It’s removing the classes from all the buttons on the page and adding your own classes. Event Espresso uses its own classes to add event listeners which trigger its AJAX form validation scripts that are essential for functionality.

I commented out the following lines:

//$( ‘table’ ).addClass( ‘table’ );
//$( ‘#submit’ ).addClass( ‘btn btn-sm’ );
//$( ‘a.button’ ).removeAttr(‘class’).addClass( ‘btn btn-sm’);
//$( ‘.button’ ).removeAttr(‘class’).addClass( ‘btn btn-sm’);

It would be nice to have an option in your theme to prevent it from removing classes attached to buttons as I suspect this code will interfere with quite a lot of plugins that trigger events when buttons are pressed.

My site is https://jubilee.events