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Jen Shea

Hi, still need help…

I’ve tried attaching a file again.

My client wants to have ‘boxes’ like the screenshot I’ve attached. (first attachment)

I created the boxes, as per your last instructions, however, how do I create the different size fonts & colours, within the box?
I can change the colour, but not the sizes.. I want the title of each box to be a larger font than the body of the text box.

(see second attached)

I need to get this right and done. I’m hating this site and starting to hate the client. LOL

The second issue I’m having is: The Widget boxes… for example the Top boxes. I want them ONLY on the welcome page. So, I checked all the pages I didn’t want it on… that didn’t work. So, then I tried only checking the page that I did want it on… that didn’t work. No matter what I check or not, the Top boxes show on every page 🙁

What can I do about that? I’ve got a screen shot of that… (3rd)

Thank you!!

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