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Sushil Adhikari

I can understand your frustration but at the same time, most blogs do not have a page loaded with widgets all over; they are usually limited to left and/or right sidebars, a bottom group, and usually a header or banner area at the top. For the most part, posts are “blog” oriented and anything else is “page” oriented. Posts are dated sequential articles, a type of Journal if you will.

The pages for this theme offer several page templates and a set of templates that offers more widget positions than the other standard group. However, the “blog” itself is limited for the purpose of simply blogging articles and therefore I limited the widget positions to the basic common ones (left or right sidebar, bottom, and the showcase banner at the top).

How I described the above brief instructions is how you can add more widget positions to the “blog” part of the theme that are normally reserved for the “pages” only. If you want to display a banner below the content, then the last part would apply to you, either with one of the two positions:


The Encounters theme is from last year and how it was coded is how it was coded. As I develop each new theme, I always try to improve on each one and feedback from users plays an important role in how new themes are developed. My next theme coming up does have some extra widget positions for the blog, but it won’t be a massive grid of positions that normally are used for pages. It does contain a position for above the content as well as below.