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Sushil Adhikari

Now for the bad news… for the “blog” part of a website, those templates are not part of the blog layouts. How WordPress works is that when you set a page to be your blog posts, it will ignore any template set. Honestly, many have complained to WP that it would be great to make it so you can select a template for the blog. To get a blog layout, these have to be coded by the theme developer separately. So for Encounters, you get a left column (sidebar) layout and a right column layout only. But I did not include the extra widget positions for the blog layout, only for page templates. Really doesn’t look right with a bunch of widgets and content surrounding a blog.

However, there is a way you can put those extra widget positions into the blog layout…but it really wasn’t meant to be done. If you open the index.php, you will see these two containers at the top:

Between those, you would put any of the extra widget positions (the code) there. You can find these in the frontpage-right-column.php template file that look like this:

Further down that template file are a couple more widget positions, for example:

Note of where they are between the closing tags and they should match where you put them in the index.php file.

Definitely child theme for all this.

Now…just to let you know, having these widget positions will not look good in your blog section of your site, but if you want to have these, that is how it would be done. This will also affect the full post view (when someone clicks on Read More (Continue Reading), etc. Those widget positions will exist there too. So again, I would recommend you rethink this one.