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Sushil Adhikari

Due to security and my system setup, I cannot do screen sharing, sorry about that. However, contact me from HERE via email and I will reply back. When you get my reply, send me the zip file you got from the download and I will see if I can install it on my xampp test site (I will even do a fresh install of WordPress as well) and see if what is happening for you is happening with me with the theme file you received. This is the only way I can tell if it’s theme related or if it’s related to your current setup on your computer with xampp…..basically it sounds like something that is unique about your setup because there’s been hundreds who have installed this theme but your issue is the first.

As a side note, do you have a website where this site is going on? I’m thinking to try and install the theme there….plus this one I could actually install it for you if it’s on a live host server.