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Sushil Adhikari

Hi Robert… First, my mistake that the theme page on my site should not say ie8 as this theme is only partially compatible with Internet Explorer 8. There is no way without recoding the theme from the ground up to be 100% ie8 compatible. If you need this theme to be ie8 compatible, this theme won’t be right for you.

IE8 is notorious for designer fatigue, especially when HTML5 and CSS3 are widely used now in web design, including plugins. However, this probably does not help you much at the moment. I should also mention that any new themes I release, I am pulling away from ie8 support. Even Google is dropping all support for ie8 this year as with many others. Disqus has already… get a big pot of coffee and ready this:

Are you “needing” this theme to be ie8 compatible?