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Sushil Adhikari

I still have some more tutorials to add to the theme, but for things such as icon boxes etc., the HTML Snippets folder in your original download has code and quick how to use info in each of the text files.

For your slideshow font size, it looks like their default style adds this class to each line:
So changing or adding a font size to these is how you can do that.

The floating downward of your site title is due to the fact your title appears to need more space. The logo group goes into a container that sits next to the nav container. Each container has a certain width. A couple ways you can do this:

1. use the child theme and modify the container sizes of the header.php file
2. Adjust the font size

The second option at best could be done with a font size being 1.5em and a line height of 1.1

#cir-site-title {
font-size: 1.5em;
line-height: 1.1;

The first option might be the one you want though, but it also depends on how big (how many links) your main menu will be if you want your menu in the Primary menu location. It means installing and activating the child theme and copying over the header.php file to it, making the changes to a couple containers for the logo and nav:

to be this

Then the nav container to be a bit shorter:

to be this

***Important: It looks like you made several colour changes with the customizer. This means that once you activate the child theme, option settings and widgets published to positions are not inherited. This is a WordPress thing because it sees it as a new theme activation. But the child theme will allow you to make custom changes to theme files and be able to get theme updates without losing your changes.

***Both containers for the logo group and nav must have their classes equal 12 because this theme works off a 12-column grid. So any containers side-by-side must total 12 columns.