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Thank you so much for your reply.

It’s a background behind the WHOLE site that I can’t find where I inserted it — in which file. It repeats and sometimes if teh site don’t load right away you can see it. The jpg is in the images folder of the child theme. I even changed the color with photoshop but for some reason it is still the same than before – seems to be the bg that you show in the header but again it repeats vertically all the way to the footer – see screenshot. the name is bg-header.jpg.

It is not in a widget or layerslider – it has to be somewhere in teh CSS or … I don’t know – I searched everywhere and can’t find a way to get rid of it


I changed it to yellow but it still show the blue in teh footer. I am completely lost on this one – can’t find that bg – it should in the body tag but it is not and I can’t find it anywhere..

I also attached the yellow one – that’s the one which should show or even better no background at all .

Thank you for your patience 🙂

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