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Sushil Adhikari

The post part that you mention I believe is the post image not resizing, so it’s stretching the post container to the left which means the post intro content also is going to break out. Now the unfortunately news…It’s starting to look like Bootstrap 3 does not play 100% nice in FF and IE because the coding for responsive images in both my Lite and Pro is the same. I will be changing the Bootstrap 3 back to Bootstrap 2.0 today. Not a major loss because everything will still look and function the same, but it will solve a few issues I’ve discovered today as well yours that you brought to my attention.

Basically if Bootstrap 2 on the Lite version is working perfectly, but the pro version using 3.0 isn’t, it means Bootstrap has some bugs in it and not ready for prime time. I will post the code issues I found to their team that created BS 3.0 so that they are aware of it.

By the way, I just created a Luminescence forum category and moved this topic to it.