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Ron King

“…if you can drive here in Kathmandu, you can drive everywhere in World easily” lol I bet you can.

I looked up your city and am surprised you are at such a low elevation. I thought everything in Nepal was higher,

I live in the U.S., in Washington State. I often drive on our mountain roads, one of which goes up to 6000 feet – I’ve walked up to 7000 feet, but that was enough for me.. These roads scare me a lot because many are only wide enough for one vehicle and major straight-down drop offs. In contrast to yours though, these roads are at least well-maintained and very few people drive on them. They are all in wilderness areas where there are no towns or anything. Elevations in our state go from sea level to over 14,000 feet, but no-one lives in areas much above maybe 2500 feet, and most towns are well below that. It would be fun to exchange pictures with you if that kind of thing interests you.