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Hello Sushil,

I get this code before from Binaya and that does work. I have a problem in the mobile menu.

In the menu I use ‘subitem’; that all works fine; also in mobile mode. Also the colors show as I want. But here is the problem;

When I go to one of the subitems in mobile menu – the first time it is shown in the color that I want. When I go again to the subitem in mobile menu, the subitem that I choose in the first time has now an ‘active background’ in black. I don’t want this to happen; neither the black but alsno not ‘active background’. I already updated the last version of simple & pure but it didn’t solve this problem.

Can you help me please?

Add later: I did change one of my name’s in the menu. The line (page heading border) which is shown automatic under the subject is not adjustable. Now the name is longer than the line; that doesn’t look nice. Can I change it somewhere, or do I have to add a (css) code to change this?

Can you help me also with this?

Thank you in advance!