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I’m sorry – for me it is clear because I can see it. I hope it works to add a couple of screenshots.

In the first picture you can see the line (page heading border) and that it is shorter than the subject. I want the line as long as the subject. In this example ‘symbolisch afscheid’.

In the second screenshot you can see the mobile menu. That all works fine. When I click on, in this example ‘wijze 1’, I go to this page.

When I open mobile menu again and click on ‘w’ which is a main item, the subitems appear, but than already the item is black which I choose in step 1 – like you can see in the 3 picture.

I don’t want that the subitem which I chose before is black active when I choose it again. I don’t want to have that ‘active state’ in the mobile menu. When I choose a main item for example ‘over ons’ it doesn’t have a active state when I go again to the mobile menu. When it is not possible to lose that active state. I at least want to change the color; from black into another color.