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Sushil Adhikari

Yes it would work in a child theme because media queries is done from the stylesheet. The trick is to know what elements you want to change. But the problem is, I think it’s going to be the full bootstrap one….the parts that have the span1, span2….etc and row and container…etc. Only thing is, I don’t recall changing this with the last version update. Anyway, the ipad resolution would be the media query around 768px.

If you don’t need the changes that were done in the latest update (the one where you say it no longer stays in full view), check the CHANGELOG of the theme and see if you can do without the changes made. If nothing there is required, it might be best to download a copy of the version that was working for you…might be the easier option as messing around with media queries could end up being ….well….messy.

If everything is going vertical as in a mobile phone view but doing it on an ipad with the latest one, I will have to check this out and see if I need to modify the queries on an update.

Could you please provide me a link to your site for me to try this out….post it here or you can email me the link.