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Sushil Adhikari

For your first one…. might want to check this out:

For changing text such as labels and other things that are part of WordPress or a theme, you need to do translation. This theme is translation ready, as-is WordPress, but you have to translate it using the included language file celestial.pot in the theme’s language file. I would recommend searching WordPress for translating. There are also plugins you can use for translating such as (although I think this one is a paid one).

For the search widget…seems fine when I view your site but I will check it out again. I may need to recode it so that it has better responsive form fields…I did this for the Celestial Reloaded theme a couple weeks ago.

For widget style 4, you need to add a colour to it. So the class would be for example, red:

box red

You have the colours: red, amber, purple, mycustom (custom colour set in the theme options). However, it sounds like what you want is just a border only. So you need to do some custom css instead of using a widget class method as outlined above. You would need to do something like this and to target that specific widget:

#text-5 .module {
border: 1px solid #78A5B6

For your last one, inserting an image into something like your info box is done with basic which you can check out more tutorials about this here: