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Sushil Adhikari

Looks like I need to do some tweaking to the media queries for the slideshow style (template). The menu however, is really a complicated one to make perfect because it depends on how many items a menu has and at what point a person needs it to switch to the mobile view. I might be able to do some adjustments to try to make it float below the logo at the point of reaching a tablet window size.

I hope you are not in a major rush on this because I probably won’t be able to have an update until next week.

In the mean time, to adjust the line height, this is done around line 2239 of the style.css file:

	.main-navigation li a {
		border-bottom: 0;
		line-height: 3.692307692;
		white-space: nowrap;

You can adjust the line height to say 2.0

As a temporary fix for the slideshow nav, this is what positions the nav when viewed in a tablet resolution:

@media (max-width: 768px)
.wk-slideshow-celestial .slidernav {
bottom: -5%;

You can use that in your override css and change the bottom: -5%; to say -10%;