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Robyn Long

Thanks so much for your response! And so sorry I don’t yet have all the WP lingo :blink:

I took 2 screen shots. I don’t know how to edit the front page (homepage) other than the image and colors. I did this by going to Appearance – Customize and altering the images and colors. I did that by following your tutorial

Then I watched the tutorial “create-a-front-page-like-the-demo-site” to try and make further changes. However, the page that looks like my front page that I’ve already altered isn’t visible in the PAGES section of WP. I took a screen shot of the home page and the list of pages.

After reading your response I went to WordPress Settings >> Reading and see that I can select a page. But I’m not sure how to convert the front page header into an actual page…so grateful for your advice!

Thanks again!