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C.C. Blewett

The company is apparently only one person now. I received an email response to something I posted here 2 or 3 days ago but have not received a response to my follow-up question.
I’m very frustrated by the instructions on Flat Responsive. I’ve used Styled Themes for years and the latest set of instructions are, in some cases, useless. Or I’ve become stupid.
I’m trying to add the portfolio like in the Demo and it says to go to Appearance/Styled Portfolio and enter your Portfolio items. I did that and I assume my portfolio items are my images. The instructions then say:
“To display a custom portfolio you can use shortcodes [style_portfolio total=”8″] in total value you can put the desired number of Portfolios”
That makes no sense to me because what if I wanted to show a Portfolio with 3 images on one page and a different portfolio with 3 images on another page. had 3 images so, again, I assumed that I should enter {style_portfolio total=”3″}. I put that, though, and nothing shows up. Then I tried inserting id=”venues” (my portfolio) and it still doesn’t show. It does show as a post but that isn’t what I want. I want it like the Demo.