Reply To: no widgets on woocommerce page

Sushil Adhikari

ok… cross fingers, lol. I did an update to Celestial Reloaded, and one of the items I added is support for WooCommerce. Now the bad news is that you only get a right sidebar layout for your WooCommerce because to apply this plugin to all the other templates, I would have had to recreate them from scratch. However, the good news is that this update does include a special woocommerce.php file for your layout (with the sidebar). Let me know how things go when you update.

  1. Start by downloading the theme again
  2. Unzip the package to your desktop, but also do the theme inside it as well
  3. Use your FTP program like filezilla (or whatever you use), or use your host’s file manager to log into where your WordPress site is located
  4. I would recommend downloading your “celestial” theme to your computer as a backup copy for safe keeping
  5. Either delete the theme folder named “celestial” which is located in /wp-content/themes/ then upload the new unzipped celestial theme folder version. Or you can simply manually upload the new theme files to replace the existing ones in the “celestial” folder. This will overwrite the current ones.

Basically you will be uploading the new theme files to replace the current version of Celestial. Again, the location where your theme files are on your website host is here:


The celestial folder there is where your theme files are located.

Fun isn’t it! 🙂