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Sushil Adhikari

Got it thanks….Are you using any kind of plugin for images or anything? I noticed you also have some kind of ad based plugin running as I see its code throughout your posts which could also be the culprit.

I looked at your source code (a little suggestion in a moment) and saw this for one featured image:


Whatever does that is the cause of your problem because it’s disrupting the responsiveness of the theme (images). It works only in Chrome and Safari, but the images do not resize in IE, Firefox, and Opera. I would also recommend you use featured images the size you need (crop and size them first before uploading) because with the large sizes you currently have, this adds longer load times for your pages because the bigger the image, the bigger the file size.

A note about your “no right click” plugin or script….these are really useless because they do not work. Yes it prevents right clicks, but all a person has to do is view the source code and get what they want. Also, when you have that no-right click script running, it makes it difficult to troubleshoot with browser webmaster tools because these use right clicks. Still, I would recommend taking out that no right click plugin because it just adds more scripts to your site.