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Right, I’ve been experimenting, and I’m going with Lum Child and using Jetpack for the CSS. Works very well, except where the theme customizer takes precedence. In particular, I’m trying for transparency for certain elements, but the theme customizer only allows for defining colours in hex.

I checked with firebug and I can isolate those elemnts alright and transparency/rgba & opacity work well enough for a start. I guess I’ll have to dive into the child’s files and make some changes there.
If you could point me to to right files? Then there’s the question of not letting the menu customizer to override that change, but we’ll see…

In the customizer the elements are called ‘content background’ and ‘color background’. The elements I changed to transparent in firebug are .row-fluid and #bottom-wrapper

The attached screenshot is the firebug result

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