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Sushil Adhikari

Hi Kelly, we had fixed your issue, please have a look on your site.
Here is the process for the same

for this you need to use page/post custom field. On the custom field section of you pages you need to place following name on custom fields:
For header background you need to name custom field as


For header caption you need to name custom field as


And your need to place your value correspondingly. On the value field of header_background you need to place URL of image and on header_caption you need to place content.

if you don’t want to place image on caption background you can use color as background ./ For this you can set background color from customizer. For this

Go to dasboard->appearance->customize->colours->Caption Header Background

Note: To use color as background you should remove custom fields: header_background

We hope this clarifies your queries, you can also see screnshot that may help you.